XFMR Believes in the global harmony between human beings and nature.

Transformers (XFMR) show that human beings should not be too selfish and think that they can control other countries or even other creatures because of their super technology. When danger comes, human beings are only a very small group.

They should trust their Allies and join hands with them to defeat the enemy. They can maintain their living environment and improve the relationship with the creatures around them without harming the innocent creatures.

XFMR (Transformers Coin) was born! Must set sail ten thousand times

XFMR (Transformers Coin) project mechanism: total amount of 1000 trillion, 60% black hole, Huobi 5%, MXC 5%, 30% of circulation. Each transaction on the chain has poundage, which support bonus for holders and black hole destruction!

XFMR (Transformers Coin) aims to create a global eco-peace token, which will be paid and spent to change and build a better life. In the future, it can be used to pay for charity, infrastructure, Disney, cinemas, sports and more.

Purchase Way

Huobi Heco chain MDEX Noncentral Exchang,Huobi Heco Chain Contract 0xb2b43ac1f17913d0618b8e7d165a9b4b366b10fc

Bsc chain Pancake Swap Exchang,Bsc Chain Contract 0x5078fc50c5f8e7022a9227e48bfe91a477e3e02d

Total Coin

Total amount of 1000 trillion, 60% black hole, Huobi 5%, MXC 5%, 30% of circulation.

Trading Mechanism

Each transaction on the chain 15% poundage, 5% bonus, 5% destruction,5% of the black hole! Trading slippage set at 18%.

Best future

XFMR (Transformers Coin) can be used to pay for charity, infrastructure, Disney, cinemas, sports and more.

COINS Appreciation

Coins decrease in value, 5% dividend, 5% destruction, with the extension of time, holding assets continue to grow, bringing wealth appreciation

Development Potential

60% black hole, Huobi holding 5%,MX holding 5%, 30% circulation, no big holder, high project security, reserved exchange position, can be entered into the head exchange

Global Marketing

Transformers fans spread all over the world. XFMR was launched simultaneously worldwide, media promotion started, airdrop started, coin-holding addresses increased rapidly, and community construction was stable

Road Map

The development of the project is foreseeable in the future. We will strive to develop the community, expand the application of scenes, and cooperate with physical terminals to realize the charity payment, infrastructure construction, Disney, cinema, sports, etc. The team will actively promote the top exchange and realize the wealth appreciation.


Promote Online

Synchronous active promotion worldwide, the address of more than 1 million, into a number of decentralized exchanges, to launch the landing of the centralized exchange, the beginning of the online mall design


Corporate Cpplication

Continue to promote, the address of more than 3 million, currency holders in more than 30 countries, into more than 5 centralized exchanges, the initial establishment of community forums, the establishment of network application mall.


DAPP Application

More than 6 million addresses, entered all the head exchanges, entered more than 10 centralized exchanges, developed community application DApps, cooperated with Transformers game manufacturers, and developed game tokens


Joint Ecological

Focus on expanding scene application and project landing, unite online mall, game application, community forum, establish community ecosystem, realize the wide application of coin online, and start to expand offline charity, discipline inspection, Disney, cinema, sports project application


Ecological chain

Make every effort to build an online and offline application ecosystem, realize the full application autonomy of the Transformers community, and realize the ecological establishment of the entire industry chain of game applications, charity, discipline inspection, Disney, cinema, and sports.


Dream Freedom

Through the continuous efforts of the community to realize the life dreams of members and the freedom of wealth, the community will pay more attention to coping with the common challenges of mankind, focusing on charity applications, donating diseases, wars, and poor people, participating in nature protection, and building a green planet in which mankind and nature live in harmony.


Huobi Heco chain MDEX Noncentral Exchang,Huobi Heco Chain Contract 0xb2b43ac1f17913d0618b8e7d165a9b4b366b10fc

For the HT/XFMR transaction pair, exchange other currencies for HT, leave enough gas fee, enter the contract address to exchange, it is recommended to exchange 0.2HT each time, the transaction slippage is set to more than 18%, and the currency price can remain stable.Holding a large amount of currency, increase the HT/XFMR trading pair liquidity pool on the MDEX exchange to enjoy trading dividends. You are welcome to join and let us realize the freedom of wealth together.

MDEX Exchang Block View

Project Alliance

A strong alliance is the guarantee for the long-term development of the project. Thanks to the partners for their strong support.

Huobi Exchange

MXC Exchange

American Transformers Community


What to pay attention to in blockchain transfer?

To see the blockchain name of the digital currency, you cannot transfer the address account of the heco chain as the account number of the BSC chain, otherwise you will lose your assets.

You need to set your transaction slippage to more than 18%. Click the gear in the upper right corner of the transaction bar to set the floating amount that allows transaction exchange.

First: After adding the pool, the price of the currency has risen and doubled

Second: automatic market makers sell high and buy low

Third: Ignore the ups and downs of assets without any loss

Fourth: The currency drops by 50%, and the liquidity pool will shrink by at most 10%. The currency will increase

Fifth: Large pools are conducive to subsequent stable rises



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